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The  Pre-Toddler Room offers a warm and caring environment to our children. The curriculum is planned based on the current and emerging skills of the children in the classroom. This program promotes brain development through positive caregiver-child interactions. Your precious infant will be provided with love and warmth while exploring a world of stimulating age specific activities to develop small and large motor skills, social and emotional skills, and early language skills. Soft areas, gross motor areas, books and manipulative's are just some of the wonderful opportunities provided in this room.

The Toddler Room will offer a variety of activities as they make the transition from baby to active and independent children. Teachers offer positive guidance as our toddlers move through each stage of development. The interactive curriculum allows teachers to spend quality learning time with each child while providing them with the love and care needed for proper development. Hands on earning activities help your child develop beginning readiness skills. At this important stage, your toddler will explore the world of dramatic play, creative expression, art, music, socialization and many more important skills and concepts.

The Two's Classroom responds to the child's need to explore the world and exercise independence within a safe environment. The classroom is specifically tailored to the child's interests and developmental stage.

Our prepared classroom contains carefully selected, concrete materials which respect the child's sense of order and his or her need to repeat an activity until a new skill has been mastered. Our teachers recognize and encourage the child's need to explore through his/her senses; to touch, taste, move, listen, and make noise; and to follow whatever comes within his/her line of vision.

The Preschool Classroom is spacious and equipped with a variety of furniture for children. Our preschoolers are surrounded with an environment that builds self-esteem and learning while exposing them to basic concepts and skills needed for their future. In this classroom, the captivating themes make learning meaningful while providing children with a strong foundation for success. Our preschool curriculum satisfies inquisitive minds by exploring the world of writing, science, social studies, reading, math, language, art, and dramatic play.

The Before and After School program will offer children transportation to and from Holbrook Elementary. It will provide a healthy breakfast before school and an evening snack after school. Children in this program will be given the opportunity to participate in a book club, homework club, arts and crafts, playground activities, enrichment programs and special events.